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  • Fieldwork

    This seminar aims to situate students’ field work experiences within a framework of the Chinese and North American contexts to provide students with methodological tools for approaching their field placements
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  • Marketplace

    This course addresses several major themes focusing on the dynamics of China’s unprecedented socioeconomic transformations.
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  • Transitional Chinese Society

    China has been undergoing two exceedingly rapid transformations in the past half a century: a demographic transition with dramatic decrease in fertility and mortality, and an economic transition from a planned economy to a market economy.
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  • Society and Culture

    This course aims to familiarize students with a number of themes about Chinese society.
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  • Shanghai Studies

    Shanghai is one of the most powerful cities in China, in East Asia, and in the World. Its global stature is evident from the powerful architecture – a mix of cutting-edge contemporary designs and grand Western-style edifices dating from the 19th and 20th centuries.
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  • Chinese Film

    This course is intended to offer insights into the political, social and cultural changes in contemporary China and the impact of modernization and globalization on its cultural redefinition and identity reforming.
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