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  • Society and Culture

    This course aims to familiarize students with a number of themes about Chinese society.
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  • Shanghai Studies

    Shanghai is one of the most powerful cities in China, in East Asia, and in the World. Its global stature is evident from the powerful architecture – a mix of cutting-edge contemporary designs and grand Western-style edifices dating from the 19th and 20th centuries.
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  • Chinese Film

    This course is intended to offer insights into the political, social and cultural changes in contemporary China and the impact of modernization and globalization on its cultural redefinition and identity reforming.
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  • Urbanization and Development

    We now live in a rapidly urbanizing world: half of the world’s population now lives in cities and all trends point to the rise of scores of multi-million “megacities” and a dramatic increase in urban populations across Asia, Latin America, and Africa.
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  • Psychology & Life 

    Psychology and Life: A cross-cultural perspective, is a course offered to undergraduate students who are interested in the science of psychology.
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  • Culture and Health

    Today when people talk about Red Cross Organization, they shake their heads and don’t trust this organization.
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