Upon successful completion of all three versions of the CCSP Programme, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance as well as an official Fudan University transcript. The transcript lists the courses which you have followed, the grade that you have obtained for each course, as well as the number of Fudan University credits that have been awarded and their ECTS equivalent. Below you will find the conversion table for Fudan University and ECTS study credits.


table credit.png 


The CCSP Academic programme carries the equivalent of 30 ECTS. Please bear in mind that the recognition of the study credits that you have obtained at Fudan University ultimately is the responsibility of your home university. In case you need the study credits earned at Fudan to count towards your studies at home, please make sure you consult with your professor or the academic affairs office of your home university on beforehand!


Tobias Torp Vistesen

I found the education here to be way more interesting than home, because of the smaller classes, and the international discussions we are able to have.”