Chinese cuisine is endlessly tastier and more diverse than the food that is being served in Chinese restaurants in Europe. Eating in China is not just a daily necessity, it is an important part of Chinese culture and its way of life. There are no friendships, no family ties and no business deal that are not celebrated with a Chinese meal.


Shanghai is no doubt one of the food capitals of the world. There are literally thousands of restaurants that offer food from every corner of the country, and in fact the world, ranging from cheap noodle shops to lavish Chinese banquet halls and Michelin-starred Western restaurants. There’s not a street in Shanghai that doesn’t have a choice of restaurants. Meals in restaurants can range from twenty to hundreds and even thousands of CNY per person, but an average dinner will cost around 50 CNY (6-7 Euro) per person. At the university’s student canteens and at the many hole-in-the-wall eateries that dot the streets around Fudan, meals can cost as little as 10 CNY per person. The apartments at Tohee all have kitchens, but you will problably eat or pick up your breakfast, lunch and dinner on your way to class or going back home. 

If you go out to one of the many hip bars, clubs or Western style restaurants, you must be prepared to pay prices which easily compare to those in Europe. Red and white wines are particularly expensive, as most are imported. 



Michael Holste

“It was so nice to have a new food experience every day and I didn't just go to local Chinese Restaurants, but     also to fancy French places and I never ate food like that in Germany, I really miss that here.”


youtube (size 48).png Video: Street food in Shanghai (20′50′′)