• Willemien Netjes (the Netherlands): The best experience was when my other teacher, who previously taught at Harvard University, brought his 12-years old son to class and showed us how to order products through TaoBao, the Chinese Amazon.
  • Philip Parr (Northern Ireland): The Fudan University, Shanghai Entrepreneurship and Innovation course experience began with a lovely warm welcome at the airport following flights from Dublin - Dubai - Shanghai.
  • Christian Riedel (Germany): Die Zeit meines Auslandssemesters verging rasend schnell. Vier Monate und dann stand schon das Weihnachtsfest vor der Tür. Aber bevor das Semester offiziell beendet war hieß es nochmal ordentlich Gas geben.
  • Jurijn Timon de Vos (the Netherlands): I participated and in return I got an experience which I will never forget in China's most developed city: Shanghai.
  • Tina Kraiewski (Germany): At the beginning I also had to face some challenges especially because of the different cultures but it was the best opportunity to grow! And furthermore after this semester I go home with a lot of new knowledge especially about China, a lot of amazing experience, pictures and memories of a lot of beautiful places and with friends all over the world!
  • Clara Jaeger: Es ist ganz einfach: einfach bewerben und ab nach Shanghai! Doch vorab ein paar Fakten und meine Erfahrung:
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