Michael Holste (Germany)

Michael Holste.png

I would really like to thank you that you suggested me this opportunity as I think this was the most exciting time I had for a very very long time. I had to study a bit but all in all it was more like a very long adventure holiday in a different world and I LOVED IT! Not just because China "Is happyland for western guys" (A Chinese girl had this opinion, and yes, she was right...) but also to see how I am able to adjust myself to a different culture, mindset etc. This trip gave me the chance to grow personally and professionally.




Unfortunately, I did not travel as much as I wanted because I wasted quite a lot of money in Shanghai on partying/tailor made clothes/food but that was also nice. I mainly visited places nearby Shanghai, like Hangzhou, Nanjing etc. So I did not yet have the chance to cuddle a cute panda baby. But I will definitely do that and then I will send you the photo ;-) But I had the chance to visit Seoul and that was also a great experience. Many people think all Asian countries are the same but that is definitely not true ;-)


Fudan University:


I really enjoyed it to study in this university as the teachers were really knowledgeable and I was also interested in the stuff they wanted to tell us. Furthermore, I am happy that I am able to speak some Chinese now. It is really not as hard to learn as I expected it to be and I also had to talk English all the time, that was also really nice. It was quite weird to start to talk German again when I came back.




I think I spent most of my money on food. There is no good restaurant I didn't go to. It was so nice to have a new food experience every day and I didn't just go to local Chinese Restaurants, also to fancy French places and I never ate food like that in Germany, I really miss that here. For 10€ you just get a really average dish here and in China you can go to a really nice Italian Place for that amount of money. But I also went to really small Chinese Places, as I luckily had a Chinese GF there who was able to order the good things for me.



I had good and bad experiences but concluding all facts I really miss China. It was a wonderful time and it is a beautiful country and I will definitely go there again and I really could imagine that I will live there or at another place in Asia for a longer time. The quality of life is much higher and you get everything there and most important: It is always really exciting.