Philip Parr (Northern Ireland)

The Fudan University, Shanghai Entrepreneurship and Innovation course experience began with a lovely warm welcome at the airport following flights from Dublin - Dubai - Shanghai. There one of the local students collected a group of us that were on the same flight and took us to Tohee. I had a 12th floor room inside a fantastic apartment that presented a great view over Shanghai at night. While in Shanghai I had one issue… I couldn't speak Chinese and for the normal person on the street communication was limited. However the impressive helpfulness of the English speaking Chinese who ran to help when I struggled or the determination of an individual to find an English speaker who could translate was very admirable. The course was well structured and challenging especially for me as an engineer as the teaching, content and assessment style was very different so I learnt a lot. The enthusiastic Professors brought real examples to explain the theory and used relevant Harvard business cases to see the broad range of success and failure stories of start-ups in China. The timing of the course meant I had enough time to prepare for class, generate our start up business model and enjoy Shanghai when class ended. I got to experience the wonderful shanghai nightlife, massage parlours, local and broader Asian cuisine which never made me sick. I watched my first football match where the local shanghai team beat Hainan 1-0. However what really made the experience perfect for me was the meeting of people from all over the world. Within the diverse group of people who applied to the courses there was so many more opportunities to learn and make friends for life and I can never thank CEISS enough for that. 

So enjoy Shanghai and CEISS