Willemien Netjes (the Netherlands)

Willemien Netjes.jpg

When I came to Shanghai I did not really know what to expect, but it turned out to be an amazing summer! I ate delicious dumplings and noodles, the skyline is gorgeous and not everyone here speaks English so it’s a good opportunity to profess your Chinese language skills. Most importantly: Shanghai never sleeps! At two at night you will still find many people out on the streets having BBQ food and drinks.


I took two courses at the CEISS/Fudan University, and both gave me an interesting insight into the Chinese culture. For supply chain management we had a Chinese teacher with an incredible background, as he had worked for many successful multinational companies. It was an honor to be in his class, because he shared many real-life examples with us. I also learnt much about the Chinese business climate, which came in handy when I bargained on one of the many markets in the centre of Shanghai.


The best experience was when my other teacher, who previously taught at Harvard University, brought his 12-years old son to class and showed us how to order products through TaoBao, the Chinese Amazon. Since many people here order everything online, it was interesting to navigate through the website. Overall, I learned a lot about the Chinese culture and I would definitely recommend doing this summer school to everyone!