Jurijn Timon de Vos (the Netherlands)

If you are both a diligent and an adventurous student eager to broaden up your perspectives and willing to have great summer, you should for sure consider participating in the China-Europe International Summer School (CEISS) programme. I participated and in return I got an experience which I will never forget in China's most developed city: Shanghai. 


The CEISS is not a standard Chinese summer school, it is unique in its kind. In an international and open-minded environment the participants are encouraged to speak their mind and share experiences. This interactive setting leads to both clashes and compromises, and that is what makes it all that interesting. The tolerant Shanghainese ambiance is optimal for an academic student who is determined to learn from other cultures. Especially courses surrounding law and economics were illuminating, all the more because they are not necessarily related to my own field of study: history. The multidisciplinary environment made it easy to get familiar with topics that are not directly linked to my own discipline and it gave me an amazing chance to expand my viewpoint.


The city of Shanghai is vibrant and unpredictable and Fudan University is one of China’s top class universities which is reflected in both the teachings and the campus itself. Also, the significant amount of new people you meet will definitely add up to your own personal and social network. All in all the CEISS was a tremendously valuable step for me on my path of life.