Tuition and fees


The tuition fees for the Contemporary China Studies Programme in 2019 are as follows:

CCSP Academic (16 weeks):                            57.750 CNY         7.403 Euro*

CCSP Internship Plus (26 weeks):                    73.800 CNY         9.461 Euro*

CCSP Internship Premium (32 weeks):             80.800 CNY        10.358 Euro*


The tuition fees include all teaching fees and materials, application fees, regular excursions and trips, social activities, airport pickup, orientation programme, internship placement services, and local counsel­ling and support. Prices are exclusive of (international) travel, fees of visa and residence permit, accommodation, food and (international) health care/repatriation insurance.


The costs of accommodation at Unijia International Students Community varies between 105 CNY/day for a double occupancy room with shared bathroom to 165 CNY/day for a private room with private bathroom. For one semester of 16 weeks, your room rental may therefore vary from 13.800 CNY to 23.400 CNY, depending on the exact number of days and your room type preference. Rental prices are exclusive of utilities (water/gas/electricity) and internet, and a deposit of 4.000 CNY, which will be returned upon check-out.

                      CCSP Academic             CCSP Internship Plus                CCSP Intership Premium

Tution fees:    57.750 CNY                      73.800 CNY                              80.800 CNY

Housing:        13.800 - 23.400 CNY        20.700 - 35.100 CNY                27.600 - 46.800 CNY

Total CNY:     71.550 - 81.150 CNY        94.500 - 108.900 CNY             108.400 - 127.600 CNY

Total Euro*:    9.173 - 10.403 Euro         12.115 - 13.961 Euro               13.897 - 16.358 Euro


* The Euro amounts mentioned above are for reference only. All tuition fees and room rental will be  invoiced in Chinese Yuan (CNY), and may be paid in CNY or in Euro against the exchange rate on the day of invoicing. All fees need to be paid in full before the start of the programme by wire (bank) transfer to Edvance Education International. Payment instructions are included in the invoice.

The cost of living in Shanghai depends entirely on your lifestyle and how you arrange your personal finances. Living in Shanghai can be as cheap or as expensive as you wish to make it yourself. You may find that local products and services, such as food and public transportation, may be cheaper than in Europe while imported goods may be more expensive than at home. It is therefore a fair estimation that the overall living costs in Shanghai will be more or less similar to those in most big cities in Europe.